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The Colored Christians have been 
needing a Church Ritual, gotten up for 
their use, that would give them some of 
the names of the fathers of their Church, 
to which they could refer in after days. 
This Church has struggled hard for ex- 
istence against many opposing obstacles, 
but God has given it a better day. 

Brethren, take this little book, and in 
the name of God, go forth and Christian- 
ize the world. 

Yours for Heaven, 

A. A. B. B. D. 

Rai,kigh Advocatk Print. 




The Christian Church among the Col- 
ored people was originated from those who 
had been members of the white congrega- 
tion before the surrender of the Southern 
Confederacy. After peace had been de- 
clared they began to congregate for the pur- 
pose of worshiping God. Their white breth- 
ren heard of them, and sent Revs. W. M. 
Wellons and W. M. Hayes to gather the 
scattered brethren together in a Confer- 
ence. This assembly came together in 
the city of Raleigh, N. C, November 10, 
1867. The following congregations were 
in the organization : 

Christian Chapel, Pleasant Grove, 



Swift Creek Chapel, Raleigh, Pleasant 
Hill and New Berne. 

The following preachers and delegates 
were present : 

Revs. William H. Hayes and Samuel 
F°y (J- J- Jeffreys and W. H. Hayes 
were ordained, and Samuel Foy and J. J. 
Jeffreys were licensed.) Delegates: John 
Kent, N. Horton, Berry Hank, Monroe 

This Conference has had a steady in- 
crease. It established a college at Frank- 
linton, N. C, in 1880, under the auspi- 
ces of the Noith Carolina and Virginia 
Conferences. Its first President was Rev. 
George Young, of Carolize, N. Y. 

Rev. Wilson, of Philadelphia, and 
wife, were great leaders in the establish- 
ment of this school for the uplifting of 
the young men and women of the Chris- 
tian Church. 



The Christian Church adheres to the 
following principles : 

(1) Christ, the only head of the Church. 

(2) The name Christian to the ex- 
clusion of all party or sectarian names. 

(3) The Holy Bible or the Scriptures 
of the Old and New Testaments our only 
Creed or confession of faith. 

(4) Christian character or vital piety, 
the true Scriptual test of fellowship or 
church membership. 

(5) The right of private judgment and 
the liberty of conscience the privilege 
and duty of all — upon Bible doctrine. 


The Christian Church : s composed of 
all who profess faith in the Lord Jesus 
Christ, and teach repentance through our 
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 



(2) Though lie may belong to some 
other denominational Church, yet if he 
has been converted by the Son of the 
Living God, he is a Christian, and God 
accepts of him as one of His. 

(3) God sent His only begotten Son 
into the world to establish one Church, 
not many ; and all men who have been 
converted are brethren and members of 
this Church, of which Christ is the head, 

(4) The Church is spoken of in the 
Scriptures as a household of which God T 
the Father, is the ruler, and such should 
not be divided against itself. 

(5) All the principles and workings of 
the Church should be in harmony with 
the Scriptures, so that members may be 
brought together in one body. 





It is the duty of every church to select 
a pastor to serve them in the holy things, 
and to preach to them the unsearchable 
riches of God^s grace. 

(2) The members shall provide for the 
support of the pastor, and shall pay their 
salaries in their monthly meetings, in 
which all the members are required to be 

(3) No member who shall neglect to 
pay his or her salary dues for three con- 
secutive meetings is a member in good 
standing, and before he or she can be re- 
stored to membership he or she must pay 
up the arrearage, 

(4) The members shall adhere to the 
decisions of the pastor, who shall ever 
make his decisions in accordance with 
the Word of God. 



(5) The members shall meet weekl}', 
and give for the support of the pastor's 
table, that he may be able to give all his 
time to the preaching of the Gospel and 
looking after the needs of his flock. This 
amount shall not be included in his 
SAX, \ RY. 

Now concerning the collection for the 
saints : " As I have given order to the 
churches of Galatia, even so do ye : Upon 
the first day of the week let every one of 
you lay by him in store as God hath 
prospered him, that there be no gather- 
ings when I come." — -Cor. 16: /, 2. 

For the Scriptures saith : "Thou shalt 
not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the 
corn, and the laborer is worthy of his 
hire."—/ Tim 5/ 18. 

For it is written in the law of Moses: 
" Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the 
ox that treadeth out the corn. Doth God 



take care of oxen ! n — / Cor. 9:9. 

(6) The preacher's salary shall be three 
dollars for every male member annually, 
and two dollars for every female member. 
Children whose parents have to pay their . 
salary dues, may pay such amounts as 
the members may a.ree upon. 



A PERSON may become a mumber of 
the church upon profession of his faith 
in the Lord Jesus. He shall come before 
the altar whi'e a hymn is being sung. 
All candidates should be instructed in 
regard to the responsibilities of church 
membership, of supporting the pastor, 
and the expenses of the church. 

Q. (1) Have you sincerely and heartily 
repented of your sins? 



Q. (2) Do yon believe in the Lord 
Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the world? 

Q. (3) Is it your purpose through 
grace to live a godly life? 

These questions being answered in the 
affirmative, the minister shall state the 
fact, and there being no objection, he or 
she becomes a member. 


The Scriptures are clear on the point 
of the resurrection, both of the righteous 
and the unrighteous. The statement is 
plain, and though a man may try to sat- 
isfy his unbelief, yet it is true. 

(2) Jesus Christ is our authority. He 
said unto Mary and Martha that " I am 
the resurrection and the life," and He 
could not be mistaken. 

(3) The doctrine of the resurrection 


i r 

was not entirely new, because when Jesns 
spoke of it to Mary and Martha, Martha 
replying, said: "I know that he shall 
rise again in the resurrection of the last 

"For the Father loveth the Son, and 
showeth him all things that himself do- 
eth : and will shew him greater works 
than these, that ye may marvel. For as 
the father raiseth up the dead, and quick- 
eneth them, even so the Son quickeneth 
whom he will. For the Father judgeth 
no man, but hath committed all judg- 
ment unto the Son ; that all men should 
honor the Son, even as they honor the 
Father. He that honoreth not the Son, 
honoreth not the Father which hath sent 
him. Verily, verily, I say unto you, he 
that heareth my word, and believeth on 
him that sent me, hath everlasting life, 
and shall not come unto condemnation, 



but is passed from death unto life. 
Verily, verily, I say unto you, the hour 
is coming, and now is when the dead 
shall hear the voice of the Son of God • 
and they that hear shall live; for as the 
Father hath life in himself, so hath he 
given to the Son to have life in himself. 
And hath given him authority to execute 
judgment also, because he is the Son of 
Man. Marvel not at this, for the hour is 
coming in which all that are in their 
graves shall hear his voice, and shall 
come forth ; they that have done good, 
unto the resurrection of life; and *they 
that have done evil, unto the resurrection 
of damnation. "—John 5 ; 20-29 

God hath appointed a day when He 
shall judge all the nations of the earth, 
and shall separate the good from the bad' 
Jesus Christ will set on the throne, and 
before Him will be gathered all the na- 
tions, both great and small. 


J 3 

" When the Son of Man shall come in 
liis glory, and all the holy angels with 
him, then shall he sit upon the throne 
of his glory, and before him shall be 
gathered all nations; and he shall sepa- 
rate them one from another, as a shep- 
herd divideth his sheep from the goats." 
—Matt. 2 5 .-j/, j2. 


The sacrament of baptism shall be 
administered by an Elder or Bishop, and 
it should not be delayed. 

(2) The person or persons should pre- 
sent themselves for baptism, should stand 
in front of the minister while he shall 
read the following passages of Scripture: 

" Then the eleven disciples went away 
into Gallilee, into a mountain, where 
Jesns had appointed them ; and when 
they saw him the)' worshiped him ; but 

r 4 


some doubted. And Jesus came and 
spake unto them saying, All power is 
given unto me in heaven and in earth, 
go ye therefore, and teach all nations, 
baptizing them in the name of the 
Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy 
Ghost, teaching them to observe all 
things whatsoever I have commanded 
you : and lo ! I am with you alway, even 
unto the end of the world. Amen." — 
Matt. 28: 16-20. 

"And he said unto them, Go ye into 
into all the world, and preach the gospel 
to every creature. He that believeth and 
is baptized, shall be saved ; but he that 
believeth not shall be damned." — Mark 
16 : 75, 16. 

After reading a suitable passage of Scrip- 
ture, and the singing of an appropriate 
hymn, prayer should be offered ; then the 
candidate should be led into the water. 


T 5 

The minister, standing in the water, shall 
raise his right hand and say: "In obedience 
to the command of my Lord and Master, 
and upon the profession of thy faith, my 
brother (or sister), I baptize thee in the 
name of the Father, and of the Son, and 
of the Holy Ghost. Amen." ' 


The Lord's Supper should be served 
at least four time a year, making it three 
mouths between times. 

(2) The most suitable time, perhaps, 
is on the Sabbath, directly after the ser- 
mon, of which notice should be given 
beforehand, that every member of the 
congregation may have his or her mind 
and heart properly prepared for this holy 

The elements should be set apart by 
prayer and thanksgiving, after which the 



minister shall break the bread before the 
people, say'ng in this manner: u Onr 
Lord Jesns Christ, the same night in 
which He was betrayed, took bread, and 
when He had given thanks, He break it, 
and said: 'Take, eat; this is my body 
which is broken for yon ; this do in re- 
membrance of me. This cup is the New 
Testament in my blood. This do ye as 
oft as ye drink it in remembrance of 

After which a collection should be 
taken for the poor. 


It is plain from the Scriptures that 
the Deacons are distinct officers in the 
Church. Their duty is to supply the 
wants of the pastor, and take charge of 
temporal affairs of the church. 

(2) They should make suitable ar- 


J 7 

rangements for the support of the pastor, 
and assist in administering the sacra- 

(3) One of the Deacons shall preside 
in the absence of the pastor, and shall 
strictly adhere to the rules of the Chris- 
tian Church. 

(4) They should counsel with the pas- 
tor in the government and spiritual affairs 
of the church, and conduct the public 
worship of the church when there is no 
one of higher authority present. 

Paul and Timothy, the servants of 
Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ 
Jesus, which are at Philippi with the 
bishops and deacons." — Phil., ch. 1. 

"Likewise must the deacons be grave, 
not doubletongued ; not given to much 
wine ; not greedy of filthy lucre." — I. Tim. 





A licentiate is one licensed to preach 
the gospel as a probationer, until he 
shall give full proof of his ability to 
teach efficiently the great doctrine of 

(2) Great care should be taken that 
the candidate [for license possess the 
moral and intellectual qualifications nec- 
essary to fit him for the responsible posi- 
tion to which he aspires. 

(3) He shall therefore possess an un- 
blemished Christian character, and a 
good English education, and be recom- 
mended by the church of which he is a 

(4) He shall be examined on the doc- 
trines and principles of the Christian 
Church, so that there shall be no doubt 
as to his qualifications to preach in the 
Christian Church. 


x 9 

(5) He shall be examined on the fol- 
lowing branches, viz. : Reading, Spell- 
ing, Writing, Geography, Arithmetic, 
Grammar, Philosophy, History of the 
United States, Elements of Rhetoric and 
the Bible. 


Wherever God's house is erected it 
should be marked in obedience unto Him 
who has enabled us to select a place in 
severance to His Holy name. 

(2) "And they said, Let us rise up and 
build. So they strengthened their hands 
for this good work." - Neb. ii: 18. ''Surely 
I will not come into the tabernicle of my 
house, nor go up into my bed ; I will not 
give sleep to mine eyes, or slumber to 
mine eyelids, until I find out a place for 
the Lord, an habitation for the mighty 
God of Jacob. We will go into his tab- 



ernacle ; we will worship at his foot- 
stool." — Ps. cxxxii : J—J ) J. "Go up to 
the mountain and bring wood, aud build 
the house, and I will take pleasure in it, 
and I will be glorified, saith the Lord ; 
And the Lord stirred up the spirit of 
Zerubbabel, the son of Shealtiel, gover- 
nor of Judah, and the spirit of Joshua, 
the son of Josedeeh, the high priest, and 
the spirit of all the remnant of the peo- 
ple ; and they came and did the work in 
the house of the Lord of Hosts, their 
God."— Hag /., 8, 14. 

apostle's creed. 

"I believe in God the Father, Al- 
mighty maker of heaven and earth ; and 
in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord, 
who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, 
born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under 
Pontius Pilate, was crucified dead, and 



buried. He descended into hell ; the 
third day He rose from the dead ; He as- 
cended into heaven, and sitteth on the 
right hand o' God, the Father Almighty. 
From thence He shall come to judge the 
quick and the dead, I believe in the 
Holy Ghost, the holy Catholic Churc h 
the communion of saints, the forgiveness 
of sins, the resurrection of the body, and 
the life everlasting. Amen." 


" Pilate therefore took Jesus, and 
scourged Him ; and the soldiers platted 
a crown of thorns, and put it on his 
head ; and they put on Him a purple 
robe, and said, Hail, King of the Jews ! 
And they : mote him with their hands. 
Pilate therefore went forth again, and 
saith unto them, Behold, I bring him 
forth to you, that ye may know that I 



found no fault in him. Then came 
Jesus forth, wearing the crown of thorns, 
and the purple robe; and Pilate saith 
unto them, Behold the man ! When he 
chief priests therefore, and the officers, 
saw him, they cried out saying, Crucify 
him ! crucify him ! Pilate sayeth unto 
them : Take ye him, and crcify him, 
for I find no fault in him. The 
Jews answered him : We have a 
law, and by our law he ought to 
die, because he made himself the Son of 
God. When Pilate therefore heard that 
saying, he was the more afraid ; and 
went again into the judgment hall, and 
sayeth unto Jesus," etc —St- John xix: i . 


a And when he was entered into a 
ship his disciples followed him ; and be- 
hold, there arose a great tempe t in the 



sea, insomuch that the ship was covered 
Mith the waves ; but he was asleep. 
And his disciples came to him and awake 
him, saying, Lord, save us, we perish. 
And he saith unto them, Why are ye so 
fearful? O, ye of little faith ! Then he 
arose and rebuked the winds and the 
sea, and there was a great calm. But 
the men marveled, saying, What man- 
ner of man is this, then even the winds 
and the sea obey him? And when he 
was come to the other side, into the 
country of the Gergesenes, there met him 
two possessed with devils, coming out of 
the tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no 
man might pass by that way. And be- 
hold they cried out, saying, What have 
we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of 
God? Art thou come hither to torment 
us before the time? And there was a 
good way off from them an herd of many 



swine feeding: So the devils besought him 
saying, If thon cast us out, suffer us to 
go away into the herd of swine." — Matt, 
viii : 23-31. 


" Watch thou in all things, endure 
afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, 
make full proof of thy ministry ; for I 
am now ready to be offered, and the time 
of my departure is at hand. I have 
fought a good fight, I have finished my 
course, I have kept the faith. Hence- 
forth there is laid up for me a crown of 
righteousness, which the Lord, the 
righteous Judge, shall give me at that 
day ; and not to me only, but unto all 
them also that love his appearing. Do 
thy diligence to come shortly unto me. 
IvO, Demas hath forsaken me, having 
loved this present world, and is departed 



unto Thessalonica, Crescens to Galatia, 
Titus unto Dalmatia. Only Luke is 
with me. Take Mark and bring him 
with thee, for he is profitable to me for 
the ministry. And Lychicus have I sent 
to Ephesns. The cloak that I left at 
Troas with Carpus, when thou com est, 
bring with thee; and the books. But 
especially the parchment. Alexander 
the coppersmith, did me much evil : the 
Lord reward him according to his works : 
of whom be thou aware also ; for he hath 
greatly withstood our words." — 2 ft'?;/., 
iv: s-14 


" My Friends : — Forasmuch as mar- 
riage was instituted by God Himself, and 
is honarable in all, it becomes those who 
would enter into this holy estate duly to 
consider the sacred obligations imposed 



thereby. You cannot therefore expect 
always to enjoy prosperity. Days of ad- 
versity will also come. But if you fear 
God, and keep His commandments, to 
do them. He will not forsake you. If, 
with full and free consent you desire to 
enter this holy relation, you will ac- 
knowledge the same by joining your 
right hands." 

The minister then shall say : 

" and — , will you 

have each other, as husband and wife, to 
live together after God's ordinance, in 
the holy state of matrimony, to love, 
honor and cherish each other in health 
and sickness, in prosperity and in adver- 
sity, and forsaking all others to cleave to 
each other only, so long as you both 
shall live?" 


No. 1. 

C. M. 

He ciies, the mighty Saviour dies ; 

The purple stream runs down, 
He closes His resplendent eyes; 

All nature seems to mourn. 

(2) The heavenly harps remained unstrung, 

In silence laid aside, 
While, on the cross the Saviour hung, 
And wept, and bled, and died. 

(3) His groans awake the sleeping dead, 

Like lightening Satan fell; 
And when to death he bowed his head, 
He shook the powers of hell. 

(4) Well might the sun withdraw his ray, 

Earth to its centre heave, 
And darkness clothe the mourning day, 
And all creation grieve. 



(5) Well might the Rom n soMier say, 

When he beheld the blood, 
And felt the earth beneath give way: 
This is the Son of Go 1. 

(6) Now let me lift my weeping eyes, 

And to the cross repair, 
The cross of woe, where Jt-sus dies, 
/ nd find salvation there. 

No. 2. 

S. M 

And will the Judge descend, 

And must the dead arise ? 
And not a e ingle soul escape 

His all-discerning e3^e. 

(2) How will my heart endure 

The terrors of that day, 
When earth and heaven before His face 
Astonished, shrink away ? 

(3) But, ere the trumpet shakes 

The mansions of th dead, 
Hark ! from the Gospel's cheering sound 
What joyful tidings spread ! 


(4) Come, sinners, seek His grace, 
Whose wrath ye cannot bear; 
Fly to the shelUr of His cross, 

And find salvation there 

— Philip Woodridge. 

No. 3. 

C. M. 

On Jordan's stormy banks I stand 

And cast a wishful eye, 
To Canaan's fair and happy land. 

Where my p ossessions lie. 

(2) Oh! the transporting, raptuous scene, 

That rises to my sight ; 
Sweet fields arrayed in living green, 
And rivers of delight. 

(3) No chilling winds nor poisonous breath 

Can reach that healthful shore ; 
Sickness and sorrow, paia and death, 
Are felt and feared no more. 

(4) When shall I reach that happy place 

And be forever blest ? 
When shall I see my Father's face 
And in His bosom rest ? 

— Samuel Stennelt. 



C. M, 

No. 4. 

There is a land of pure delight, 
Where saints immortal reign ; 
Id finite day excludes the night 
And pleasures banish pain. 

( 2) There everlasting spring abides, 

And never withering flowers, 
Death, Hke narrow sea divides 
The heavenly land from ours. 

(3) But timorous mortals stare and shrink, 

To cross this narrow sea, 
And linger, shivering on the brink, 
And fear to launch away. 

(4) Oh ! could we make our doubts remove, 

Those gloomy doubts that rise, 
And see the Canaan that we love 
With unbeclouded eyes. 

(5) Could we but climb where Moses stood 

And view the landscape o'er. 
Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold flood, 
Should fight us from the shore. 

— Isaac Watts. 


3 1 

No. 5. 

C. M. 

My soui, look up, behold the cloud 

Is breaking from on high, 
And see the Judge upon His throne, 

And saints before Him stand. 

(2) Hear how He calls them all by name, 

And gives them their reward ; 
Then see them with upliftei hands 
Receive their great reward. 

(3) "Well done!" He cries, "thou ransomed 


He bids them come and see 
The Son of God, who purchased them, 
Upon the cruel tree. 

(4) There parents with their children meet 
Around God's eternal throne, 
And shout and praise the Son of God 
Eor His redeeming grace. 

—A. A. Bright, B. D. 



No. 6. 

S. M. 

Servant of God, well done ! 

Rest from thy loved employ — 
The battle fought, the victory won — 

Enter thy Master's joy. 

(2) Tranquil amidst alarms, 

De th found him 011 the field, 
A veteran slumbering on his arms 
Beneath his re(!-cross shield. 

(3) The pains of death are ] ast ; 

Labor and sonow cease, 
And life's long warfare closed at last ; 
His soul is found in peace. 

No. 7. 

S. M. 

Amazing si^ht, the Saviour stands 
And knocks at every door, 

Ten thou c and blessings in His Hands 
For to supply the poor. 

(2) -'Behold," He siith, ',1 bleed and die 
To bring poor souls to rest , 
Hear, sinners, while I'm passing by, 
And be forever blest. 


(3) "Will y )u despise such bleedii g love, 
Or choose the way to he 1, 
Or in the glorious realms above 
With me forever dwell ? 

(4) "Say, will you he r mv g acious voice, 

And have your sins forgiven, 
Or will you make a wicked choice 
And bar yourself from heaven ? 

(5) "Will you go down t > endless night, 

And be forever slain ? 
Or dwell in everlasting light, 
Where I in glory reign ? 

(6) "Come now, dear soul, before I go, 

While I am passing by ; 
Say, will you bow to me or no ? 
Say, will you live or die?" 

No. 8. 


Lord, in the mr rning Thou shalt hear 

My voice ascending high, 
To Thee will I direct my prayer, 

To Thee lift up mine eye. 



( 2) Up to the hills where Christ is gone, 

To plead for all His saints, 
Presenting at His Father's throne 
Our songs and our complaints. 

(3) Thou art a God before whose sight 

The wicked shall not stand ; 
Sinners sLa!l ne'er be Thy d. light, 
Nor dwell at Thy ri^ht hand, 

{4) But to Thy house will I resort, 
To taste Thy mercies there; 
I will frequent Thine holy court, 
And worship in Thy fear. 

(5) Oh, may Thy Spirit guide my feet, 
In ways of righteousness, 
Make every path of duty straight, 
And plain before my face. 

— Watts 

No. 9. 

S. M. 

Why do we mourn departing friends, 
Or shake at death's alarms? 

"Tis but the voice that Jesus sends, 
To call them to His arms. 



(2) Are we not tending upwa d, too, 

To heaven's desired abode? 
Why should we wish the hours mote >Tow 
\\ hioh keep us from our God ? 

(3) Why should we tremble to convey 

Tneir bodies to the tomb ? 
Twas there the Saviour's b >dy lay ! 
And left a long per.ume. 

(4) The graves of all the s-aints he blest, 

And sottened every bed ; 
Where should the dying members rest 
But with their dying Head ? 

(5) Thence He arose, ascending high, 

And showed our feet the way ; 
Up to the Lord His saints shall fly 
At the great rising day. 

(6) Tnen let the last loud trumpet sound, 

And bid our kindred rise ; 
Awake ! ye nations under ground, 
Ye saints, ascend the skies. 



No. 10. 

C. M. 

SiNNKRS, the voice of God regard ; 

His mercy speaks to day, 
He calls you by His sovereign Word 

From sin's destructive way. 

(2) Ivike the rough sea that cannot re?t, 

You live devoid of peace ; : 
A thousand stings within your breast 
Deprive your souls of ease. 

(3) But he who turns to God shall live 

Through His abounding grace, 
His mercy will the guilt forgive, 
Of those who seek His face. 

(4) Bow to the sceptre of B is Word, 

Renouncing every sin ; 
Submit to Him, sovereign Lord, 
And learn His will divine. 

(5) His love exceeds your highest thoughts ; 

He pardons like a God ! 
He will forgive your numerous faults, 
Through our Redeemer's blood. 



No. 11. 

t, M 

Dismiss us with Thy blessing, Lord ; 

Help us to feed npon the Word ; 
All that has been amis forgive, 

And let Thy truth within us live. 

( 2) Though we are guilty, thou art good, 
Wash all our souls in Jesus' blood ; 
Give every fette e l soul release, 
And bid us all depart in peace. 

No. 12. 

I,. M. 

Try us, O, God ! and search the ground 

Of every sinful heart ; 
Whatever of sin in us is found, 

O, bid it all depart. 

(2) When to the right or left we stray, 
Leave us not comfortless, 
But guide our feet into the way 
Of everlasting peace. 

{3) Help us to help each other, Lord, 
Each other's cross to bear ; 
Let each his friendly aid afford, 
And feel his brother's care. 



(4) Help us to build each oth r up, 

Our little stock improve; 
Increase our faith, confirm o ir hope, 
And perfect us in love. 

(5) Up into Thee, our living head, 

Let us in all things grow ; 
'Till Thou hast made us free indeed, 
And spotless here below. 

(6) Then when the mighty work is wrought, 

Receive thy ready bride ; 
Give us in heaven a happy lot 
With all the sanctified. 



No preacher shall be allowed to have 
more than four charges, unless one is a 
mission point, where he is not required 
to attend on the Sabbath day. He 
shall be required to fill his pulpit on 
every regular monthly meeting, or as the 
case may demand. 

(2) It shall be his duty to visit the 
members of his parish, and read the 
Holy Scriptures and pray with them ; 
also he shall visit the sick, and encour- 
age them in the means of grace. 

(3) He should visit the non-church 
goers, and invite them to church, and 
read the Holy Scriptures to them, and 
invoke God's blessings upon them. 



(4) He should study to prove h'mself 
a workman that needeth not to be 
ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of 
God to the edifying of souls. 

(5) It is his duty to act with his dea- 
cons in all matters pertaining to the wel- 
fare of the church, and strive for the 
peace and harmony of the members. 

(6) He should teach in the Sabbath 
school, and see after the literature of the 
school ; and those children who are poor, 
he should especially see after them, and 
bring them into the school. 


The Conference shall meet annually, 
and shall provide for the maintenance of 
the cause of Christ and His kingdom, 
and for the transaction such business as 
may be necessary. 



{2) The President shall be elected an- 
nually, and his duty shall be to preside 
and put motions, and preserve order. 

(3) The Secretary shall be elected for 
an indefinite time, and the Assistant Sec- 
retary shall be elected for the present 

(4) Conference shall elect the follow- 
ing committees, viz.: Educational, Home 
Mission, Temperance, Sabbath School, 
Finance and Executive. 

(5) The Educational Committee shall 
be Elders, They shall have control of mat- 
ters pertaining to the establishment of 
schools and colleges throughout the Con- 
ference field, and examining all applicants 
for license or ordination, and also the re- 
commending applicants for the ministry 
to schools. 

(6) The Committee on Home Missions 
shall look after the interests of the field, 



and establish new churches in whatever 
place they see fit. 

(7) The Committee on Sabbath Schools 
shall see after the Sabbath schools in the 
Conference, and see that they all use the 
same literature. 

(8) The Committee on Temperance 
shall carefully examine all means sug- 
gested for the removal of the great evil 
of intemperance, and report the same to 
the Conference. 

(9) The Executive Committee shall 
act in the intern between the Conference. 
They shall be elected at the adjournment 
of the Conference. 

(10) Their duty shall be to transact all 
business pertaining to the Conference 
which cannot conveniently remain until 

(11) All the various committees are 
subject to the Annual Conference, whose 



work the Conference shall either approve 
or disapprove. 

(12) The Conference ought to appoint 
fraternal messengers to at end the ses- 
sions of sister conferences. 

(13 ) A minister may transfer from one 
Christian Conference to another by con- 
sent of the Conference to which he may 

(14) A preacher shall serve the church 
or churches as long as he and the mem- 
bers agree, and see that he is acceptable 
to the congregation. 

(15) Xo minister shall interfere with 
another's church or churches, and any 
minister who shall be guilty of such a 
misdemeanor shall be called to account, 
and if found guilty shall be reprimanded 
or expelled from the Conference. 

(16) Any minister who shall deal in 
intoxicating liquors shaH be expelled 



from the Conference (Rev. 2:2; I. Cor. 
6 : 9, 10), after a fair and impartial trial, 
according to the Word of God. 

(17) The Church may elect its pastor 
annually, or for as long as his good be- 
havior and general deportment becomes 
a man of God, a workman which need- 
eth not to be ashamed, approved of God. 

(18) The Church shall strive to pre- 
vent his being encumbered with the 
things of this world, and provide for his 
support, and the necessaries of life for 
his family, that he may give himself 
diligently to prayer, and to the study of 
the Scriptures. 


The President shall take the chair pre- 
cisely at the hour to which the Confer- 
erence stands adjourned, and shall imme- 
diately call the members to order, and a 
quorum being present, shall open the 
session by reading a chapter, and prayer. 

(2) If a quorum be present at the hour 
appointed, and the President be absent, 
the former President, should he be pres- 
ent, shall be requested to take the chair 
and proceed to business. 

(3) If a quorum be not present at the 
hour appointed, any two members shall 
be competent to adjourn from time to 
time, that an opportunity may be given 
for a quorum to assemble. 

After calling the roll and marking the 

4 6 


absentees, the minutes of the previous 
meeting shall be read, corrected and ap- 

(5) It shall be the duty of the Presi- 
dent at all times to preserve order, and 
to endeavor to conduct all the business 
of the Conference in a peaceful and busi- 
ness-like manner. 

(6) It shall be the duty of the Presi- 
dent carefully to keep notes of the sev- 
eral articles of business which may be 
assigned to particular days, and to call 
them up at the appointed time. 

(7) The President may speak to points 
of order, in preference to other members, 
rising from his seat for that purpose ; and 
shall decide questions of order, subject to 
an appeal to the Conference by any two 

(8) It shall be the duty of the Clerk, 
as soon as possible after the commence- 



ment of the meeting of every Confer- 
ence, to form a complete roll of all the 
members present, and put the same into 
the hands of the President; and it shall 
also be the duty of the Clerk, whenever 
any additional members take their seat, 
to add their names in their proper places 
to ihe roll. 

(9) It shall be the duty of the clerk 
immediately to file all papers in the order 
in which they have been adopted, with 
proper endorsements, and to keep them 
in perfect order. 

(10) Unfinished business of the previ- 
ous meeting should ordinarily be taken 
up first. 

(n) All motions must have a second, 
and afterward repeated by the President 
or read aloud before it is debated ; and 
every motion shall be reduced to writing 

4 8 


should the President or any member re- 
quire it. 

(12) Any member who shall have made 
a motion shall have liberty to withdraw 
the same with the consent of the second, 
before has been voted upon, but not 
not afterward, without the consent of the 

(13) On questions of order, adjourn- 
ment, commitment, or the previous ques- 
tion, no member shall speak more than 
once. On all other questions each mem- 
ber may speak twice, but not oftener, 
without express leave of the Conference. 

(14) When a question is under debate 
no motion shall be received, unless to 
amend, commit, postpone, for the previ- 
ous question, or to adjourn. 

(15) An amendment may be moved on 
any motion, and shall be decided before 
the original motion. 



(16) If a motion under debate contain 
several parts, any two members may 
have it divided, and a vote taken on 
each part. 

(17) The previous question shall be in 
this form : "Shall the main question be 
now put?" and until it is decided, shall 
preclude all amendments and further de- 
bate on the main question. 

(13) If the previous question be de- 
cided in the affirmative, the debate on 
the main question may proceed ; if in the 
negative, the effect shall be to arrest the 
discussion, and produce an indefinite 

(19) A question shall not be again 
called up or reconsidered at the same 
session of the Conference at which it has 
been decided, unless by consent of two- 
thirds of the members who were present 
at the decision ; and unless the motion 



to reconsider be made and seconded by 
persons who voted with the majority. 

(20) A question which has been in- 
definitely postponed, either by the ope- 
ration of the previous question or by a 
direct motion for indefinite postpone- 
ment, shall not be again called up dur- 
ing the same session of the Conference, 
unless by the censent of three-fourths of 
the members who were present at its 

(21) Every member when speaking 
shall first address the President, and shall 
treat his fellow members, and especially 
the President, with decorum and respect, 

(22) Without permission no member 
of the Conference, while business is being 
transacted, shall engage in private con- 

(23) No speaker shall be interrupted, 
unless he is out of order, or for the pur- 


5 1 

pose of correcting mistakes or misrepre- 

(25) It is indispensable that the mem- 
bers of the Ecclesiastical Conference 
maintain great gravity and dignity dur- 
ing its deliberations. 


The minister should meet the corpse 
at the church door, and going before it 
shall read the following passages of Scrip- 
ture : 

"I am the resurrection and the life, 
saith the Lord ; he that believeth in 
me, though he were dead, yet shall he 
live ; and whosoever liveth and believeth 
in me shall never die." — St. Johu, 
xi: 25, 26. 

" I know that my Redeemer liveth, 
and he shall stand at the latter day upon 
the earth. And though after my death 



worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh 
shall I see God, whom I shall see for 
myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and 
not another." — Job jg : 2^—27. 

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, the 
hour is coming-, and now is when the 
dead shall hear the voice of the Son of 
God; and they that hear shall live." — 
John 5 .• 25. 

u And I heard a voice from heaven 
saying- unto me write: Blessed are the 
dead which die in the Lord from hence- 
forth ; yea, sayeth the Spirit, that they 
may rest from their labors; and their 
works do follow them." — Rev. 14 : ij. 

Standing in the pulpit the minister 
shall read the following lesson : 

"Now if Christ be preached that he 
rose from the dead, how say some among- 
you that there is no resurrection of the 
dead ; but if there be no resurrection 



the dead, then is Christ not arisen ? And 
if Christ be not arisen, then is onr preach- 
ing vain, and your faith is also vain. Yea, 
and we are found false witnesses of God, 
because we have testified of God, that he 
raised up Christ, whom he raised not up; 
if so be that the pead rise not, for if the dead 
risa not, then is not Christ raised ? and if 
Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; 
ye are yet in your sins. Then they also 
which are fallen asleep in Christ are per- 
ished. If in this life only we have hope 
in Christ we are of all men most misera- 
ble. But now is Christ risen from the 
dead, and become the first fruits of them 
that slept.' 1 — /. Cor. ij : 12-20. 

"For since by man came death, by 
man came also the resurrection of the 
dead. For as in Adam all die, even so 
in Christ shall all be made alive. But 
every man in his own order : Christ the 



first fruits; afterwards they that are 
Christ's at his coming. Then cometh 
the end, when he shall have delivered up 
the kingdom to God, even the Father ; 
when he shall have put down all rule, 
and all authority and power, for he must 
reign until he hath put all enemies un- 
der his feet. The last enemy that shall 
be destroyed is Death ; for he hath put 
all things under his feet. But when he 
saith all things are put under him, it is 
manifest that he is excepted, which did 
put all things under him. And when 
all things shall be subdued unto him, 
then shall the Son also himself be sub- 
ject unto him that put all things under 
him, that God may be all in all. Else 
what shall they do which are baptized 
for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? 
Why are they then baptized for the dead? 
And why stand we in jeopardy every 



hour? I piotest by your rejoicing, which 
I have in Christ Jesus, our Lord. I die 
daily. If, after the manner of men, I 
have fought with beasts at Ephesus, 
what advantageth it me if the dead rise 
not ? Let us eat and drink, for to-mor- 
row we die. Be not deceived ; evil com- 
munications corrupt good manners. 
Awake to righteousness, and sin not, for 
some have not the knowledge of God. I 
speak this to your shame." — /. Cor. 

" But some man will say, How are the 
dead raised up? and with what body do 
they come? Thou fool ! that which thou 
sowest is not quickened, except it die ; 
and that which thou sowest thou sowest 
not that body that shall be, but bare 
grain, it may chance of wheat, or of 
some other grain. But God giveth it a 
body as it hath pleased him, and to every 



seed his own body. All flesh is not the 
same flesh ; but there is one kind of flesh 
of men, another flesh of beasts, another 
of fishes, and another of birds. There 
are also celestial bodies and bodies ter- 
restial. But the glory of the celestial is 
one, and the glory of the terrestial is an- 
other. There is one glory of the sun, 
and another glory of the moon, and an- 
other glory of the stars : for one star 
differeth from another star in glory. So T 
also, is the resurrection of the dead. It 
is sown in corruption, it is raised in in- 
corruption. It is sown in dishonor ; it 
is raised in glory ; it is sown in weak- 
ness ; it is raised in power ; it is sown a 
natural body ; it is raised a spiritual body. 
There is a natural body, and there is a 
spiritual body. And so it is written. 
The first man Adam was made a living 
soul ; the last Adam was made a quick- 



ening spirit. Howbeit that was not first 
which is spiritual, but that which is 
natural ; and afterward, that which is 
spiritual. The first man is of the earth 
earthy ; the second man is the Lord from 
heaven. As is the earthy, such are they also 
that are earthy. And as is the heavenly, 
such are they also that are heavenly. 
And as we have borne the image of the 
earthy, we shall also bear the image of 
the heavenly. Now this I say, brethren, 
that flesh and blood cannot inherit the 
kingdom of God; neither doth corruption 
inherit incorrtiption. 1 '— - / Cor 13: 33-30. 

" Behold, I show you a mystery : We 
shall not all sleep, but we shall all be 
changed in a moment, in the twinkling 
of an eye, at the last trump; for the 
trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall 
be raised incorruptible, and we shall be 
changed. For this corruptible must put 



on incorruption, and this mortal must put 
on immortality. So when this corrupti- 
ble shall have put on incorruption, and this 
mortal shall have put on immortality, then 
shall be brought to pass the saying" that 
is written : Death is swallowed up in 
victory. O, death where is thy sting? 
0, grave, where is thy victory? The 
sting of death is sin ; and the strength 
of sin is the law. But thanks be to God 
which giveth us the victoiy through our 
Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore my be- 
loved brethren, be ye steadfast, immova- 
ble, always abounding in the work of the 
Lord ; forasmuch as ye know that your 
labor is not in vain in the Lord." — /. 
Cor. 15:51-58. 

After the lesson has been read a suita- 
ble hymn shall be sung and prayer 

The sermon should then be delivered, 



after which the pall-bearers will carry 
the body to the grave. The minister 
shall take his pcsition at the head of the 
grave, and read the following Scripture : 
"Man that is born of woman is of few 
days, and full of trouble. He cometh 
forth as ja flower, and is cut down ; he 
fleeth also like a shadow, and continueth 
not. All flesh is grass, and all the good- 
liness thereof is like the flower of the 
field. They are like grass that groweth 
up, in the morning it flourisheth ; in the 
evening it is cut down and withered. 
For here have we no continuing city. 

" Lord, make me to know mine end, 
and the measure of my days, what it is, 
that I may know how frail I am. Behold 
thou hast made my days as ahandbreath, 
and mine age as nothing before Thee. 
Verily, every man at his best state is al- 
together vanity. We brought nothing 



into this world, and it is certain we can 
take nothing out. The Lord gave, and 
the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the 
name of the Lord. 

"Forasmuch as it hath pleased Al- 
mighty God in His wise providence 
to take out of this world the soul 
of our deceased brother, we therefore 
commit his body to the ground : Earth 
to earth; ashes to ashes; dust to dust; 
looking for the general resurrection 
in the last day, and the life of the 
world to come, through our Lord Jesus 
Christ, at whose second coming in glori- 
ous majesty to judge the world, the earth 
and the sea shall give up their dead, and 
the corruptible bodies of those who sleep 
in Him shall be changed, and made like 
unto His own glorious body, according 
to the mighty workings whereby He is 
able to subdue all th jugs /unto Himself." 




"Almighty God with whom do live 
the spirits of those who depart hence in 
the Lord, and with whom, the souls of 
the faithful, after they are delivered from 
the burdens of the flesh, are in joy and 
felicity; we give Thee hearty thanks for 
the good examples of all those of Thy 
servants who having finished their course 
in faith, do now rest from their labors. 
And we beseech Thee that we, with all 
those who have departed in the true faith 
of Thy holy name, may have our perfect 
consummation and bliss both in body 
and soul, in the eternal and everlasting 
glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
and the love of God, and the fellowship 
of the Holy Ghost be with us all ever- 
more. Amen." 

Then the grave should be closed. 




After a church is organized, it is the 
duty of the members to buy a place 
where they can erect a house of worship. 
They shall select a number of their mem- 
bers to be trustees, to hold and look after 
their property, and see that the house 
and other church property is properly 
kept. The trustees shall be elected for 
one year, and after their time shall have 
expired, then the church shall in a regu- 
lar church meeting, elect others to serve 
the church in the same capacity. 

(2) The church shall, three months 
prior to the Annual Conference, call all 
the members together, and then and 
there nominate a preacher, who shall 
preach for them the ensuing year. The 
preacher who shall receive the greatest 
number of votes shall be the pastor of 
the church. r 



(3) No contest shall be heard at the 
Annual Conference without the names of 
two-thirds of the members being attached 
to the contest in their own hand-writing 
or mark. 

(4) No preacher is elected without the 
majority of the members being present, 
three months prior to the Conference, 
and in a remilar church meeting- called 
for the purpose of selecting a pastor for 
the ensuing year. 

(5) The trustees shall rent or have a 
parsonage built for the pastor, and fur- 
nish said house for his comforts. They 
shall see that the pastor is not encum- 
bered wi n the things of this life. 


"Is any among ye efflicted? Let him 
pray." — James v : 73 

a Call upon me in the day of trouble ; 
I will deliver thee, and tnou shalt glorify 
me.'-A / : ij. 

6 4 


"In my distress I called upon the Lord, 
and cried unto my God ; he heard my 
voice out of his temple, and my cry came 
before him, even unto his e irs." — Ps 
xviii: 6 

" Who is among you that feareth the 
Lord ; that obeyeth the voice of his ser- 
vant ; that walketh in darkness, and hath 
no light? Let him trust in the 1 name of 
the Lord, and stay upon his God " — 
Is j : 10. 


"The Lord is my Shepherd: I shall 
not. want. He maketh me to lie down 
in green pastures : He leadeth me beside 
the still waters : He restoreth my soul : 
He leadeth me in paths of righteousness 
for His name-sake. Yea, thou I walk 
through the valley of the shadow of 
death, I fear no evil ; for thou art with 
me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort 
me." — Ps xxiii : 7-4.